3 Bills Up for Votes in State Senate Today

Three important bills are up for votes in State Senate today. Two are positive improvements for victims.  The other significantly diminishes the rights of tenants. Please contact your state Senator now and ask that he or she:

  • Support AB 232, the Wisconsin Crime Victim Rights Restoration Act.
  • Support AB 379, which allows victims to change their names confidentially. 
  • Oppose SB 466, which robs tenants of many important rights and protections.

Here is more information about the bills.

AB 379/SB 544 – Confidential Name Changes for Victims (Harsdorf/Ripp) – This bill exempts individuals whose safety is in jeopardy from being required to publish notice of their name change in the newspaper.  The bill would also allow a court to seal the record of the name change.  Current law requires that the petition for a name change be published in the local newspaper three times.  This requirement means that just as victims are hoping to find safety in anonymity, they are forced to broadcast their name and location far and wide. 

AB 232 – The Wisconsin Crime Victim Rights Preservation Act (Wanggaard/Jacque) – This bill allows the Crime Victim Rights Board to act when a crime victim has been treated inappropriately by a public official. It also clarifies that courts can issue orders to protect victim rights when violations have occurred. The bill is a response to gaps in the law that were made apparent by the situation surrounding the Calumet County district attorney who was sexual harassing victims of crime.