Action Alert: Call Your State Senator to Oppose a Bill that Permits Evictions of Crime Victims

The State Senate is about to begin considering a bill that would allow lease provisions like this:

If a crime occurs on the property, even if the tenant is the victim of the crime and could not have prevented the crime, the landlord may evict the tenant.

Obviously, this bill would have a horrible silencing effect on domestic violence victims, who would have to consider whether a call to the police for help will cause them to be kicked out of their homes.

Please call you State Senator today, and tell them to “oppose AB 183 and SB 179, because it will endorse rental housing practices that re-victimize and silence domestic violence victims.” With one call, you can stand up for victims and help prevent crime victims from being kicked to the curb simply because they were victimized.

Selected Resources

Voting Guide for Advocates and Survivors

This guide is meant to help advocates assist their clients with the voting process. With recent law changes and court decisions, even the basics of how to cast a ballot can be very confusing  The guide covers voter registeration, ID requirements and determining where to vote.