Action Alert: I’m an NRA member

From Mayors Against Illegal Guns: 

I just don’t want to die.” That’s what my sister Zina said when she asked a judge for a restraining order against her disturbed and abusive husband.

The order was granted, and her husband was legally prohibited from buying a gun. But he bought one anyway -- by going online and purchasing a gun from a private seller with no background check.

He used that gun to shoot seven people, killing three, including my sister Zina.

Please watch a short video I made to share Zina’s story with my members of Congress, then join me in Demanding Action to end gun violence.


Watch this video and share with your friends and family

I’m an NRA member, and I enjoy shooting guns. I support the Second Amendment, but I also support common sense gun laws -- especially laws that require background checks for all gun sales.

Background checks would have saved my sister’s life, and they wouldn’t have interfered with anyone’s gun rights. 92% of Americans agree with me, including 76% of my fellow NRA members. So why has Congress been so slow to act on gun reform?

Mayors Against Illegal Guns has gathered more than 1.4 million signatures demanding that Congress take action, and we’re delivering them to Senator’s home offices this Friday, April 5th.

I hope you’ll watch this video and share the petition with everyone you know:

Thank you for helping to honor my sister and others who have been lost to gun violence.

Elvin Daniel

Mayors Against Illegal Guns

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