Statement of the Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence on Brookfield Shooting

Madison—Patti Seger, executive director of the Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence (WCADV), issued the following statement regarding the shooting that occurred in Brookfield today:

“The thoughts of domestic violence victim advocates across the state go out to the victims of today’s shooting and their families.

“Today’s horrific events are a tragic demonstration of the wide and significant impact domestic violence has on Wisconsin communities.  

“From the facts currently available, it appears clear the shootings were a planned attack to assert control over a spouse who was attempting to leave an abusive relationship. The process of separating is often the most dangerous time for victims and those around them. Victims should know there are services and support in their communities. They do not have to face abuse, fear and anxiety alone.

“This display of horrendous violence in a public place should call all of our attention to the violence and terror that many in Wisconsin live with behind closed doors every day—and to the need to address domestic violence. At the state and community-level, we must dedicate resources and resolve that matches the courage of victims; every effort should be made to intervene and prevent these dreadful crimes. At the individual level, if you know someone who is in danger or may be dangerous you should talk with a local victim advocate or call the National Domestic Violence Hotline (1−800−799−SAFE) to figure out how you can best help.”


Selected Resources

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