Please Call Your State Senator to Help Prevent Inter-State Stalking and Abuse

The legislative session is drawing to a close and some important victim safety measures are still outstanding. Please call your state Senator today and ask that he or she support the Interstate Abuse Prevention Act (SB 177/AB 247) from Senator Wanggaard.

Right now, Wisconsin courts are in some cases powerless to stop harassment or abuse, even when the abuser sends threats to a person in Wisconsin by way of phone calls, text messages or social networking.  Over the past few years, there have been an increasing number of victims who have been denied protection for this reason. Following the lead of other states, AB 247/SB 177 would modernize Wisconsin's laws so victims are no longer left at risk because of jurisdictional loopholes. 

The full Senate needs to take up the bill during the next month.  Please ask your state Senator to work to ensure the Interstate Abuse Prevention Act (SB 177/AB 247) is brought to a vote as soon as possible.  Here are some talking points you can use:

  • SB 177/AB 247 is a potentially life-saving measure that will give Wisconsinites access to restraining orders against out-of-state abusers.
  • Because of peculiarities in Wisconsin's jurisdictional statutes, courts now commonly deny restraining orders when someone in another state is directing threats to Wisconsin or when a victim flees to Wisconsin because of abuse that took place elsewhere. SB 177/AB 247 gives these victims their day in court if they need a restraining order to make the abuse, harassment or stalking stop.
  • The courts of other states, including Indiana, Iowa and Minnesota, already have authority to issue restraining orders over non-resident abusers.
  • SB 177/AB 247  will provide for a more efficient and cost-effective law enforcement response to inter-state abuse and stalking, because under federal law, a validly issued restraining order from one state is fully effective in every other state.

Thanks for all of your efforts.  Because of all your work, a bill to strengthen the 72 hour no-contact condition is on its way to the Governor's desk!