Stop the Gun Lobby's Attempt to Prohibit States from Regulating Concealed Carry

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National Right to Carry Reciprocity Act of 2011 (HR 822) is currently moving in the House of Representatives.  This proposed legislation would require all states to accept concealed handgun carry permits from every other state, even if the permit holder would not be allowed to carry or even possess a handgun in the state where he or she is traveling.  This would effectively reduce the gun laws in all states to the "lowest common denominator" of the states with the weakest laws on carrying concealed weapons. 

This is an important time to weigh in and tell Congress how this bill would negatively impact survivors’ safety.  We are asking you all to reach out to both your Representatives and Senators to ask them to oppose this bill. 

So please either use the Congressional Switchboard number (202.224.3121) or call your House Members’ DC offices directly and ask them to Vote No on HR 822.  Please then call Senators Kohl and Johnson offices and ask them to oppose this legislation when it comes to the Senate.

Talking Points:

  • Studies have shown that the presence of firearms significantly increases the lethality of incidents of domestic violence. In recognition of this grim reality, many states have chosen to enact firearm prohibitions that go beyond current federal law.
  • These state-specific restrictions on convicted perpetrators help to ensure the ongoing safety of the victims, their families, and communities. 
  • H.R.822 would effectively override the laws of these states and others and force them to accept concealed carry permits from states that issue permits to perpetrators who are not prohibited by federal law—putting the safety of victims at greater risk.

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